Changzhou Wujin Sunan refrigeration equipment Co.Ltd. is the former company Sunan electric power accessory factory.The company professionally manufactures refrigeration equipment of refrigeratory,ice-cabinet,air-condition,which was founded in 1993,the series product mainly include the cooper & aluminum tube connector,dry filter, The cooper-aluminum connection tube of air condition,air-condition pipeline fittings and liquid container.The company have the forth generation auto-control store-energy welding machine and the auto-control resistance welding machine which is researched by introducing into foreign advanced resistance welding technique.The copper & aluminum tube connector welded by this equipment have some special characteristic,such as strong intension weld,low leakage ratio,long use life and no limit in the length of welding tube.The company has passed quality system qualication:ISO9001,2000.      The company possesses the ...  
Connect pipe fittings
Air conditioning copper a...
Dry the filter
Suction tube
FV3A cut off the three li...
Aluminum coil 3
Decoration frame
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